The Ring RAC635 Compressor

As we promised last time, here’s our update to tell you all about the RAC635 from Ring.

Right now, this model is the top seller in Amazon’s car pumps bestseller list. However, that’s only half the story, as they fit into multiple categories on the biggest shop in the world. Perhaps a more accurate list might be the portable air compressors, where they’re nowhere to be found.

That’s probably not because it’s a bad product, in fact we’re certain it’s not. Having used these in the wild (well, on the hard shoulder of a motorway to be precise, but that’s pretty wild), they’re easy and fast to use. Safety is paramount when you change a wheel or need to add air, so speed really is of the essence. Too many people have been seriously injured at the side of fast roads with a broken down vehicle, so you don’t want to be there any longer than necessary.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, there’s another glowing report over at the top car tyre inflator reviews site at including a range of Ring pumps which seems to completely agree with us. They’ve even updated their site since we originally wrote this post to add those other Ring models which are worth a look. Maybe if you’re reading this years in the future after we write this you’ll see a different recommendation, but right now the whole internet seems to agree!

What you’ll notice in the first link above is that Ring actually make a number of tyre inflators, so what makes this one so good? The main this is actually reliability, some lesser models (and especially brands) have been known to fail after a few uses, but if you look at the reviews from customers there are very few reports like that with the RAC635. Actually, as a side point that’s a great way to assess what you’re buying on the web – customers who bought an item in the past are brilliantly placed to tell you what you need to know.

So, that’s our thoughts – now it’s down to you to decide what to buy!

Buy A Ring Car Tyre Inflator And Get Back On The Road In No Time

Dealing with a flat is no laughing matter. Disasters always strike at the worst possible moment – it’s like a law of physics.

Ring have the perfect answer – a mobile tyre inflation system called the RAC635, something that you can carry around in your car that’s many times better than the aerosol inflators that you now get with new cars.

The days of lifting up the bottom of the boot compartment and getting out a spare wheel to change for a dud are long gone. If you’re able to splash out, you can certainly buy one, but all too often that will mean limited boot space, as some of the new cars aren’t even designed to carry them any more.

Rather than spending a couple of hundred pounds on a spare wheel, why not go for something even better, like a compressor to pump up your tyres on the move.

Next time we’ll talk a little more about their popular inflator, and how you can get your hands on one!