Buy A Ring Car Tyre Inflator And Get Back On The Road In No Time

Dealing with a flat is no laughing matter. Disasters always strike at the worst possible moment – it’s like a law of physics.

Ring have the perfect answer – a mobile tyre inflation system called the RAC635, something that you can carry around in your car that’s many times better than the aerosol inflators that you now get with new cars.

The days of lifting up the bottom of the boot compartment and getting out a spare wheel to change for a dud are long gone. If you’re able to splash out, you can certainly buy one, but all too often that will mean limited boot space, as some of the new cars aren’t even designed to carry them any more.

Rather than spending a couple of hundred pounds on a spare wheel, why not go for something even better, like a compressor to pump up your tyres on the move.

Next time we’ll talk a little more about their popular inflator, and how you can get your hands on one!